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Our Favorite Snack Mix for Receptions this Fall

We have been searching for a great snack mix recipe, perfect for wedding noshing, something we all could get excited about.  We had so many requirements though...

- Sweet



-Not too messy


It literally HAD to check all the boxes for us to include it.  As we searched endlessly for a trail mix concoction that somehow didn't seem like a tired version of something we all picked apart in grade school, fishing around to discard the raisins and rock hard pretzels and select out the chocolate or crunchy pieces, we noticed that so many mixes are just dumps of a few nuts, store bought salty bits and crackers into a tub.  It'll work when you're in a pinch, but we KNEW we could do better for you.

     So, we went on a little shopping trip to see what might catch our eye.  Several years ago a Christmas snack mix, affectionately called "White Trash" at our house surfaced.  I find it delicious, no matter what you call it, and when I make it, I insist upon using actual white chocolate, the almond bark just won't do the trick for me- so that's where I started.

Hoping for a small but grainy crunch for the next layer of texture in the mix, I shuffled through the cereal isle & spotted cinnamon crunch Cheerios! 

     That sparked an idea!  Fall and cinnamon are a perfect pairing, and I love white chocolate with a hint of cinnamon as well.   From there, I landed on Life cereal.  It has a unique texture of crunchiness and also a hint of the cinnamon.  Our last addition in the recipe we'll share is a staple ingredient in every version of  "trash" we've ever made, Bugles.  You can put them on your fingers like witch nails or just scarf them down over conversation and a tomato beer, but they are hard not to love. 

     Mix, melt stir and cool.  SO easy and I'm telling you soooooo darn delicious!  We intended to take the mix to a softball party the next day, but after sharing a sample with my parents, we ate most of the bag that same day.  It's hard to stop once you start- just fair warning!

     This recipe serves about 10 (if you have better self control than us) and not including the cooling/dry time only takes 5-10 mins.  You can multiply the amounts as many times as you need to serve a crowd.  Pre-pack it into small cello or snack sized zip top bags & tuck it into one of our custom printed goodie bags to give your guests a favor they'll be so excited to receive and likely ask you for the recipe later!  


3 Cups Life Cereal

3 Cups Cinnamon Crunch Cheerios

3 Cups plain Bugles

1 pkg white chocolate chips (we like Toll House)

2 Tbs. vegetable oil

Dump the crunchy ingredients into a large bowl and mix to combine.

Melt chocolate chips and oil in microwave for 1 min 15 seconds.  Stir until smooth & pour over the cereal mix.  Stir until all is coated pretty evenly, and then turn out on a large sheet of foil or parchment to dry & cool.

Package individually or seal in an airtight container for storage.

Easy & Awesome Snack Mix Recipe

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