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Sweet Love Favor Bag

You need a unique and fun way to serve your wedding sweets- we have the perfect little recycled snack bag for you.  This sweet design is so versitile, think caramels, meringue puffs, coconut macaroons, fudge bites...the list goes on and on.  Any way you fill them your guests will surely agree this was a sweet idea!

Sweet Love Favor Bag

  • Order in sets of 25 

    We ♥ the Earth! Our 5" x 7.5" natural kraft favor bags are made of high recycled content here in the USA. We utilize a plant based ink making them friendly to toss in the recycle bin after they have been enjoyed as well.  When paired with a consumable treat inside you can celebrate guilt free, leaving not a crumb for the landfill! #zerowastewedding

    We use flat, non-gusset style bags that generally speaking accomodate up to 2 cups loose fill.
    Examples that fit great inside:
    1-2 cups of snack mix like popcorn
    2-3 medium cookies
    1 XL cookie
    6-8 (or fewer of course) mini cookies or caramels
    If PREpackaging coffee or buttery goodies we do reccomend using our com